Wednesday, October 29, 2008

A "Comblogeration" of Things!

I feel like I haven't blogged in ages......but, in reality, a week and a half isn't ages. [Unless you consider that I'm already past the halfway point of my severance.......then it seems like ages!]

I have so many things to share and not enough time to devote a blog to each topic, so I'm throwing them all together.....thus: a comblogeration of things!

First, an update on the job situation!
I'm still unemployed and the pickings out there are slim for the type of job I'm looking for. I'm willing to consider jobs outside of my immediate expertise, but I will not take another sales job as long as I live. The very least of the reasons being this: I really don't care for sales people. Very few of them are genuine and it's so draining to have to plow through all the BS that so naturally falls out of their mouths, let alone deal with an office full of them. [I realize this is a horrible generalization, but one day I will write of the first-hand horrors I've been witness to and you will understand my feelings.]

So, I've been proceeding with my plans to go back to self-employment and I am working on a line of cute, functional and trendy hats and bags! I'm in the process of making the spec samples to photograph for my soon-to-be website......if all else fails and I don't find a job in the next 2 weeks, I will make the best of it! I'm also working on a line of casual wear that I think is going to be incredible if I can just get it all from my brain, to paper, to cloth and then to the website!

I had a job interview Tuesday. The job I applied for was filled, but they interviewed me anyway. While I was there, I got a lead for a copy editor job at a local paper........AND their offices are in the building next to the one in which I used to work! I really would love to work many of my friends work there as well and I miss eating lunch with them!

Second, an update on my car situation:
My parents delivered my car to me last Saturday!!! When my dad found out I had the interview on Tuesday, he rushed to get it to me! There are a few minor things he still wants to have done, but for the first time in 3 months, I can go anywhere I want, anytime I want and on my own terms! No more mooching rides for me! BUT......if any of you ever find yourself in need of a ride, hit me up! Ive got to start "paying it forward"!

Third, links to sites I really enjoy:
Stumble Upon - this site is incredible....and also a lot of fun. To use it, you have to add a tool bar to your browser (I normally hate to add things like that) but it's soooooooooo worth it. After you download the tool bar, you select interests from different groups of categories. Once you've done that, you're ready to start! You just click the "stumble" button on your tool bar and it will take you to a random website based on your preferences....then you can select a thumbs up or a thumbs down for the site it takes you to. I have found some of the coolest and most interesting sites since adding it to my tool bar. [a special thanks to Sugar D for letting me in on the secret!]

Site Meter - If you're a blogger and you're interested in tracking visit stats for your blog, I recommend this free tracking site! Not only does it track how many visits your blog gets, but you can tell where the person is located (just city and state) and if they linked to your site from another site. The thing I love the most is the strange google searches that lead people to my blog............the world is full of some strange people looking for some strange things!

Disc Drop - Remember "Plinko" from The Price is Right? Well, this is the web version of that game! I could play this for hours, which comes in handy since I'm unemployed. Check it'll love it [btw.....this was discovered through Stumble Upon!]

Netflix - Okay....I know one would have to have been living under a rock to not have heard about Netflix, BUT have you heard about their Instant Viewing option?!?! I pay $10 a month and can have discs mailed to me (which I do from time to time) but what I use on a daily basis is their instant viewing option. There are thousands of movies and TV series (whole seasons) available at the click of a button to view on your PC! That's how I view 98% percent of all movies I see nowadays. Quit wasting your time with Blockbuster.......even if you just have discs mailed to you, it's a much better deal all the way around.

Make-a-Flake: Snowflake Maker - Another great site I discovered from Stumble Upon! It's also fun to do this with the kiddos if you have any......I just like to make snowflakes!

Oh Joy! - A blog that I find so visually appealing I could just look at it for hours! It really appeals to me at my very core.....I hope you enjoy it, too!

Scentsy - For those of you would like things that make your home and workspace smell good, check this out!!!! These are the most decorative, flameless "smell goods" I have ever seen.

Fourth, update on Breaking the Rules:
It's not so much for me.
I tried was "ok", but following my tried and true rules seems to be best for me at this point in my life.

Fifth, update on my mood:
I'm in a very good spot emotionally, all things considered. It took a few weeks to hit an even keel, but I haven't had any really bad days in over a week. I think that's a sign that the worst is over. It's nice to be back and blogging!


Brian W. said...

good luck with the new designs....can't wait to see! it's a hard world to be job hunting in right now.


Jessican said...

Thanks for the site meter link. Gonna check it out for sure.

Good luck on the job hunt. I know that your talents will lead you to the place you are supposed to be. I look forward to seeing your new design website!

Also, I keep meaning to ask you, did you receive an email from the University of Maryland yet? I don't know if that recommendation link went out okay.

Finally, if you ever need a vacation just to get away from the world for a weekend (or more) let me know and I will gladly show you around DC for a vacation.

Rebeckah said...

Welcome back : ). I missed you! I am SO excited about planko. Too bad I do have a job and I really should not even go look at the site for one second though... I am confused about the rules. Enlighten me!

Jessica said...

I haven't had time to link to the sites you referenced, but I am looking forward to doing so. You know me... I love snowflakes!

And as for your designs--- I hope you can get it going before Christmas!! You know you have NUMEROUS friends and family who would love to buy your designs as gifts. I can't wait to see them!