Sunday, October 5, 2008

Only Four Things.....

A week or so ago I was tagged by my friend Rebeckah over at Life with Kaishon, so here's my Four Things meme. Go check out Rebeckah's blog!

Four Places I Go Over and Over:

1. The internet (I probably spend too much time there, but it keeps me connected)
2. Jessica's House- I love to spend time there with her and her family
3. Until this week, Work....but I'll be doing that everyday again, soon enough
4. My Happy Place- it keeps me sane.

Four People Who E-mail Me Regularly

1. Jessica
2. Kelly
3. Aim-Dawg
4. various peeps from the Top 5 group

Four Places I'd Rather Be Right Now:

1. With Sugar D
2. On the beach
3. Anywhere with my nieces and nephews
4. Eating sushi

Four TV Shows I Watch
[I only watch shows once the whole season is available on DVD]
1. Gilmore Girls
2. Weeds
3. Heros
4. Ballykissangel

Four Things I Have for Breakfast

1. oatmeal
2. a tasty orange (thanks, Sugar D!)
3. COFFEE!! (and NO ONE wants to deal with Heather BC!)
4. beef jerky.....I know, not very breakfast like, but protein stays with me longer.

Four Animals I Like Best

1. Dogs
2. Monkeys
3. Horses
4. Cats

Four Beaches I've Been to

1. Clearwater Beach, FL
2. Daytona Beach, Fl
3. Foley Beach, SC
4. Carolina Beach, NC

Four People I'm Tagging to Do The Four Things Meme

1. Jessica at Overflowing Bookshelf
2. Jessican at Fustian
3. Lil Jen
4. Kelly (you can leave your in the comments on my blog!)


JennRyan said...

thanks heather ;)
off to do mine now

Rebeckah said...

When I come to meet you, let's go out for sushi : )! OR maybe we can have oranges with Sugar D when you fly to Philadelphia : ). I'm praying for you and your job hunt! I am so proud of you for your GREAT attitude. You are an inspiration! I want you to go on that Don't Forget the Lyrics show. Do you think you would rock that? I was telling Gary all about you the other night when it was on, and he was like, how do you know her again, and I was like, from blog land of course : )!