Monday, February 23, 2009

Monday Music Showcase: Why I love Patty Griffin

I've posted a couple of Virtual Mix Tapes (vol 1 and vol 2) in months past. And when I talk about music in my blogs, I almost always mention how important the lyrics are to me. Seriously.....if I like the lyric, virtually there's no way I can dislike the song. BUT.....if it doesn't have a good lyric (in my opinion) I probably won't like the song.

Patty Griffin is a MASTER with lyrics. She has written so many song which have been recorded by other artists, but what I love most is to hear her sing her own songs. I have never heard a Patty Song I didn't like and I don't want to bog you down with tons of lyrics, so I'm picking 3 which speak to me on so many levels......and it always makes my world peaceful and right when I listen to them......a great example of music calming the savage beast within! I hope you will take a moment to check out my 3 picks and then listen further to the lyrical lushness that is Patty Griffin!

"When It Don't Come Easy"
I can' imagine a better way to express love....."When you break down, I'll drive out and find you. If you forget my love, I'll try to remind you"

Lyrics | Patty Griffin lyrics - When It Don't Come Easy lyrics

Those of you who are from Oklahoma should recognize this song from the Integris commercial, but I loved it long before it was used there. Who hasn't felt like this at some point in their life? Although I feel happiness is a choice, everyone deals with sadness and I think this song expresses it perfectly.

Lyrics | Patty Griffin lyrics - Rain lyrics

"Useless Desires"
I feel like she invaded my brain and wrote this song from what she found hear something that so closely mirrors specific circumstances in my life gives me chills. This song might be my all-time favorite Patty song. "Goodbye, goodbye, goodbye, old friend, I can't make you stay. I can't spend another ten years wishing you would anyway"

Lyrics | Patty Griffin lyrics - Useless Desires lyrics

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Saturday, February 21, 2009

Yet ANOTHER Quirky Character Trait

I really rely on my instincts and first impressions of people.....I've done this for as long as I can remember and I'm eerily accurate with my assessments of people-even within minutes of first meeting someone.

My mother tells a story about when I was 4 years old. There was a gathering of adults from the church we attended and most of the couples had small children who were playing together while the adults sat and talked. As with most of these gatherings, I preferred to stay with the adults and follow the conversation (as best I could at such a young age). At this particular gathering, I decided to interject some of my own observations. The actual observations have been lost with time and memory loss, but they were amazingly accurate and it seemed to really freak out most of the other adults. At some point in the evening, one of the men came over and told my mother, "Keep an eye on that girl......she knows things and has a gift. She can read people better than most adults I know".

Thus went most of my childhood. I can "read" people and have always been able to do so. When I was young, I thought everyone could do it, but quickly learned that wasn't the case. I also learned to keep many observations to myself because of the "freak-out factor". Hearing a six, seven or eight year make accurate statements about a virtual stranger's character or motivations is disconcerting to most. I knew I was odd, but I didn't want to be looked at as a freak.

I want to be clear about my instincts.....I'm not saying I'm psychic. I can't see the future or predict what will happen, I can just tell a lot about a person and their personality and character within minutes of first meeting them. That's it. It's not a judgmental thing, it's just a thing. And I'm almost always correct.

Because of this ability, I can tell within minutes of meeting a guy whether or not I would be interested in going out with him. I know this seems judgemental, but it's not. I have very definite ideas about what I want in a man and I'm not willing to compromise those things. Very few men actually fit the bill, so when I do meet one who does, it's exciting. But, on the other side of the coin is when I meet a man who's interested in me, I already know within minutes if I want to go out with him......usually, I'm not interested and that makes it difficult sometimes. Believe would be easier on me if I could agree to go out with one of them and see what time would tell, but I don't know if spending more time to get to know these men would change my mind any. But, I've never tested that theory. Mainly because there's usually something that keeps me from wanting to get to know him.

I guess I'm wondering if anyone else does this? I've grown so used to trusting my first impressions it's hard for me to imagine anyone would operate differently. I guess my one exception to my first impression is with friendship. But when it comes to attraction, I don't think I'll ever be willing to compromise.

Also......Tax season SUCKS! I miss blogging and I just don't have enough time! :(

Saturday, February 7, 2009

Checking In!

So.......since I work in a CPA's office and tax season is now in fill swing, I'm working 6 days a week and 10 hour days.......which means I'm SOOOOOOOOOOO behind in blogging and even further behind in reading and commenting on my favorite blogs :(

On the upside, my employers are generous enough to have me on an hourly rate so I get paid overtime for the extra hours I'm working and that makes it easier to take the dark circles under my eyes from the lack of sleep. AND, after tax season, they close the office for a week so we can all rest and recuperate from the craziness.

As far as my personal life goes, I've come to terms with some things about my personality as it relates to what I want from a relationship........and it's still the same......nothing traditional for me. It truly would make me miserable. The confusion I feel always comes from my trying to be more "traditional" and "socially correct"......have a relationships like 99% of my family and friends. It just isn't my thing, but at least I know, for my peace of mind, I'm taking stock and checking periodically to make sure I'm still on the right track for ME.

To those of you who lovingly question me about whether or not I'm making the best choices with my relationships, I thank you! I do understand where you're coming from and it makes me feel so loved that you care about my well-being. I know it's frustrating because what I want and need from my relationships is so different, believe was frustrating for me to try and be in a traditional relationship. the Starlight Manifesto goes: It is what it is!

Hopefully I'll be able to blog a bit more in the coming week.....I do have stuff I'd like to write. Finding the time to write them is the challenge.