Sunday, December 15, 2013

It's a Fine Line

I believe there's a fine line between most things and finding that perfect balance between them is the key! Lately I've been thinking about that fine line between humble self-confidence and blatant conceitedness. It's one thing to be confident in one's own abilities and talents and quite another to be a conceited snob.

When one feels the need to constantly tell everyone what an awesome athlete/singer/cook/writer one is there might be an issue with finding that balance between humility and conceit. Furthermore, if a person constantly barrages anyone who will listen with how great their talent is and constantly berates others who are also similarly talented, I tend to discount that persons talent.....even if they are brilliant. Being braggadocios and boastful is just poor manners and makes one ugly in my opinion.

Don't get me wrong. It's great to believe in the depth of your talent, but believing that no one else in the entire world is as talented as you is short-sighted. It's true that there probably is someone in the world who is better than everyone else in their particular area of expertise. The chances that, out of everyone in the entire world that is YOU..... well, statistically speaking, the odds are not in your favor.

Here's what I'm wondering. What's wrong with being able to admit and accept that someone else plays/sings/cooks/writes as well as you do?" And, if you really do believe that no one is as equally talented as you, why can't you keep it to yourself? I feel that if one is truly talented, others will realize it without having it pointed out for them.

[steps down from soapbox]

Friday, November 29, 2013

Deep Peace (or Thanksgiving Thankfulness Blog Pt 2)

A few weeks ago I attended my college homecoming. Not only was it homecoming but it was also my 20 year class reunion AND the 50th anniversary celebration of The University Chorale. As one of my Kappa brothers always said, "The friends you make in college are the friends you'll keep for the rest of your life" and he was correct! So many of the people I'm friends with are college chums and more specifically, fellow University Chorale members.

Even if I had the gift of writing a beautifully elegant description of what my years singing with Chorale meant to me, I don't think one could fully understand it without experiencing it. It wasn't just that I attended my university at the height of Agee's Years of Excellence, but that I happened to walk into an audition for the university mixed chorus the first week of my freshman year. Little did I know that audition would shape my entire college career and would still have such a great effect on me 24 years later.

Once I was chosen to become a part of Chorale, they did just that.....made me a part of it. Something so beyond anything I could have hoped for as a 17 year old. The lessons learned just sitting in rehearsals under Dr. Cobb and performing and touring with 50some of the most talented people created life-long memories that are reinforced each time I've returned for Chorale reunions.

Our fearless and dedicated leader created such a unique bond and experience and for that I will be forever thankful! Thank you, Dr (Cobb) Lippens for allowing me to be a part of something so meaningful. On this day of thanksgiving I'm so thankful that I walked into that audition room all those years ago.

I leave you this evening the way MY Chorale would leave when parting......with a blessing. OUR  blessing to those who were a part of us and to those who had come to listen to us. I wish I had the recording of us singing this at homecoming, but this song is beautiful and the sentiment is heartfelt.

Deep Peace to You!

Thursday, November 28, 2013

Amazing! (Or Thanksgiving Thankfulness Blog Pt 1)

I always, always, always wait until the last minute to write this blog, but this year I had a couple of good reasons why. I don't post much over here too much anymore and because it's a two-parter! [I'm not sure when today I'll get the second part posted, but I will find some time later to do it!]

What a difference 2 years can make! For the first time in several years I'm not writing this blog with one eye on today and the other on the approaching New Year, anticipating a better (and much needed) year ahead. Maybe it's the lucky 13, but I have a feeling this trend will continue and with that I will start my list.

I'm thankful that 2013 has been such a great year.
I'm thankful for my nieces and nephews who never fail to make me happy.
I'm thankful for a business that is growing.
I'm thankful for friends, far and near, who never fail to lift me up, keep me sane, make me laugh and love me no matter what.
I'm thankful for opposites.
I'm thankful for the internet.
I'm thankful my parents are still active and healthy.
I'm thankful for my furry family members. They warm my heart with their sweet, unwavering  love.
I'm thankful for time spent with those I love....especially today.

I'm off to start my cooking marathon (for which I am also thankful)!

Happy Thanksgiving!
[to be continued]

Friday, September 6, 2013

Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Sweet Stuff

I want to wish my niece a very happy 21st birthday! It's so hard to believe that 21 years ago tonight I was holding her for the first time and whispering to my sister, "you made this"! That was the first of many times I would watch her in amazement as she grew into the wonderful young woman she is today. I know everyone was hoping she would wait just a couple of more hours so she would be the most perfect Valentine's Baby, but she was destined to be a Thirteen Baby and I'm so happy she is a part of that club!

By far, the most rewarding and fun thing in my life is being an auntie. I've been blessed with 12 of the most awesome kids (many of them not really kids anymore) in the universe. 

I don't want to embarrass her by telling all the cute and funny stories from the past 21 years so instead I will post a few of my favorite pictures of her from over the years. 

[I love you, Emmalia! Happy birthday!]

I hope your day was as wonderful and awesome as you are!

Friday, January 18, 2013

Time Marches on.....

It's hard to believe it has been 25 years since my friend left this earth. I think of her often, but more on this horrible anniversary than most days. For those who don't know about my friend, Becky, you can read about her here.

Many things have changed in the 4 years since I originally posted that blog, but the one that hasn't changed is my commitment to be as compassionate and understanding as my friend was. I have chosen to spend this day by filling it with random acts of kindness as I go throughout the day. The people receiving the kindness will never know why it was given, but somehow I feel my sweet Boo Boo Sister will know it and would have done the same if she were still here.

Things can change in an instant, so take some time to let those you love know how much they mean to you.