Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Sweet Stuff

I want to wish my niece a very happy 21st birthday! It's so hard to believe that 21 years ago tonight I was holding her for the first time and whispering to my sister, "you made this"! That was the first of many times I would watch her in amazement as she grew into the wonderful young woman she is today. I know everyone was hoping she would wait just a couple of more hours so she would be the most perfect Valentine's Baby, but she was destined to be a Thirteen Baby and I'm so happy she is a part of that club!

By far, the most rewarding and fun thing in my life is being an auntie. I've been blessed with 12 of the most awesome kids (many of them not really kids anymore) in the universe. 

I don't want to embarrass her by telling all the cute and funny stories from the past 21 years so instead I will post a few of my favorite pictures of her from over the years. 

[I love you, Emmalia! Happy birthday!]

I hope your day was as wonderful and awesome as you are!