Saturday, December 31, 2016

2016: The Year the Music Died?

I'm not sure if I can adequately express just how great a role music has played in my life. I often talk about the soundtrack of my life and the songs that are inextricably woven with my memories and how certain songs immediately conjure up those memories. Although neither of my parents played any instruments, both were/are consummate music lovers. In February, my Poppy passed away and as I've always been a daddy's girl, it seemed as though part of me passed away also. Consequently, 2016 was a very difficult year for me.

Although one often feels that time grinds to a crawl when experiencing grief, time wasn't standing still and after losing my Poppy, any loss seemed much more personal to me as I was immersed in my grief. Several musicians that shaped my memories and the soundtrack of my life during my teen-aged years through the 80s passed away. David Bowie, Merle Haggard, Prince, George Michael and Debbie Reynolds all impacted my life in different ways through their music and I'm so glad they shared that music with the rest of us. 

[Side note: Although she isn't a musician, Carrie Fisher should be added to this list. I was at lunch with nieces and nephews to whom I have done my best to instill a love for all things Star Wars when I first heard of her passing and I just cried. In 1977, A New Hope was the first "grown up" movie I saw in a theatre on the big screen. From that first chord of the amazing orchestration to seeing that hologram of the first female action hero I'd pretend to be while playing to the destruction of the Deathstar.....this film was life changing for me. May the Force be with her and with us all!]

Just as I was beginning to think that maybe the music really HAD died, I started to think back over all the wonderful memories of me and my Poppy as I was growing up and that soundtrack started to play in the background. Faintly, but it was there. Just as time marches on, the band plays on as well. 

Although my new year won't feel like it has started until February 5th, I hope that all of you are surrounded by love and light and you have music blasting that makes you smile and want to shake your booty off! Remember, until our time is done, we're adding on to that soundtrack of our lives. Make it great, make it memorable and make it SING! 



Tomorrow I will post the track list from Vol I, Soundtrack of my Life: the early years (songs and memories of my Poppy)!