Wednesday, October 8, 2008

My Happy List

This is an old blog I pulled from my myspace blog an effort to stay upbeat despite my unemployed status, I've been reading through the series of blogs I wrote about my life philosophy. For some it will be a repeat, and for that I apologize, but I need to keep this fresh in my mind. And, I have made a few changes to the original post, so some of it's new!

The Eternal Optimist?

I've been accused many times in my life of being silly or frivolous and maybe there have been times when it was true, but more often than not, it was unbridled optimism and enthusiasm that was mistaken for frivolity.

I don't know if I was born optimistic or if it was a trait my incredibly wise mother gradually instilled in me. Most likely it was a mixture of both....the old heredity vs. environment debate. One day I'll write a blog about my mom and her incredible wisdom, but today I'm writing about happiness and finding it when you need it most.

Despite the trouble I've had with my home over the past year and a half, my home is my place of peace and refuge for me. When I need to get away from the stress of the world, that's where I want to be. But, on those rare occasions where my mood turns dark, I pick myself up and get out of the house........I don't want to have bad feelings associated with my time at home, but in turn, I think getting out of the house and finding something to do helps improve my mood so it's a win/win situation!

Once I'm out the door, wondering where to go, this is how I determine what I'll do. I ask myself, "What makes me happy?" And then I do those things. What amazes me, is when I ask other people what makes them happy.....many don't know how to respond. How can that be? (See, even now I'm dumbfounded) Life is what you make it and you can't always wait for happiness to knock on your have to go where you (hopefully) already know it can be found. Here are some of the things that make me happy and some of the places you might find me when I need a little more happiness than usual.

My Happy List

-Glass.....something about the transparency, I think. I'm lucky to live in a city with the largest permanent collection of Dale Chihuly glass. A trip to the OKC Museum will quickly put a smile on my face.

-Roller Skating- I keep my skates in the trunk of my car because I never know when I'll need to roll!

-Books/reading- I might end up at a park with a blanket and a book or at B&N where I can read and have coffee.....either does the trick.

-Family- All of my family is special to me but specifically my nieces and nephews. Nothing cheers me up like talking to them.....and hearing them say "I love you" makes everything right with the world.

-Friends- many's the time I've spent long days hangin' with Jess and her family (which is almost like being with family). Anytime spent with a good friend is a good time and I'm blessed to have some incredible friends who always make me happy!

-Singing/Music- whether I sing at the top of my lungs to music in my car or I go for some karaoke, music always sooths my soul.

-Stars- sometimes I'll drive out, away from the city at night just to see the stars. Having grown up in a rural area, I miss the clarity of the stars away from the city lights. Also, since I collect stars, I've started a new project with my's too involved to mention here, but it makes me happy too.

-College football- in the fall, this will always do the trick!

-Baking- I love to create new recipes!

-Lips- okay, I know this one seems strange and quite possibly shallow, but I love a nice, full bottom lip on a man. Looking at a picture of Christian Bale (who has many more fine traits besides a killer bottom lip) or Ralph Finnes can always make me smile.

-Writing- whether it's a poem, a blog or just an e-mail to a friend, writing helps clear my mind and restores balance and happiness.

-Breathing- I'm not being funny. Taking time to really slow down and breathe can do wonders! I firmly believe that all the years of proper breathing I learned while singing in all manner of choirs has helped me in so many ways. Breathing calms me, helps me manage stress and pain. I think everyone would feel better if they would slow down and really breathe occasionally.

So, am I an eternal optimist because I feel nothing is so bad I can't find something to shake it off? Maybe. Probably. I'm happy with either. (See, I can't help it!)


Rebeckah said...

This was a delightful post! I love the things that make you happy! I often think the same things you do about people that are gloomy and doomy. I mean, COME ON, get out there and do what makes you happy! You can make life miserable or great. It's really up to you. Your list is so perfect! I might have to do one this week. I have been so worried about my coworker and friend Quince, blogging has been low on my list of priorities. Thank you for praying for him : )!

Rebeckah said...

How are you friend o rama?