Thursday, January 16, 2014

'Twas the Night Before....

As if I were a child on Christmas Eve, I lie here in bed with my heart full of excitement. Excitement because The Emperor has come to town! Even now, as I write this, he's a scant 20 minutes from where I will try to sleep tonight! I would probably find it too difficult to wait until Saturday if it weren't for tomorrow.

Tomorrow I will make the journey to my beloved OKC where an abbreviated, yet illustrious, number of the Jet Set will gradually make their way to celebrate. Celebrate what? We celebrate US! We celebrate all the things which have happened in the 4 months since we last gathered for Gateway Glitterati. Global journeys which have come to an end, marriages, partings, new love, old love, the anticipation of true equality for so many of our motley crew and friendship- deep and abiding!

Elite like the cloak and dagger secret societies of the ivy-league schools, the Jet Set makes no move to keep our gatherings a secret. One may find themselves in the midst of one of our gatherings (it takes only an invitation from a Jet Setter for one to attend) but it takes a nod from The Emperor to become a Jet Setter. One never knows where or when the next Jet Set event might manifest but one must be willing to travel at some point in order to keep up with our crowd.

What I love so much about the Jet Set is our diversity! When we gather, the amount of sheer wit, intelligence, success, beauty and fun are staggering! That's why I get so excited when we're able to get and debauchery of epic proportions are about to go down.

So, I will try to sleep as I think about all the fun but I doubt I'll get much rest!