Sunday, September 7, 2008

Waiting for the Fall

I'm still a bit tender over yesterday's bad news (you can read about it in the post below), but as I learned from reading Anne of Green Gables, "Each day is fresh with no mistakes in it". Being the eternal optimist, I'm pressing on. And, even if I can't find a silver lining, in the situation, I am clinging to the wisdom of my mother. The situation is what is is......throwing a fit or wallowing in self-pity won't change the situation, so I must move on.........

...starting here!

Fall in Oklahoma is sometimes a state of mind more than season. I mean, the weather doesn't necessarily start to cool off in a timely fashion around here. It's not uncommon to be wearing short sleeves at Thanksgiving, or a winter coat at a September football game. Even when it seems as if fall (all two weeks of it) has arrived for good, the Oklahoma heat will find a way to creep back in, at least once, before beating it's final retreat. Will Rogers said it best when he said, "If you don't like the weather, stick around". Truer words were never spoken about the Oklahoma climate and it's one of the things I love most about this state. But, even through the hot, humid days, it's starting to feel like fall!

College and high school football has started and the state fair starts on Thursday. We'll likely have several more weeks of some fairly hot days before I'll make a move to turn my air conditioner off, but I can tell it's getting nearer and I have that excited tingle in the pit of my stomach.

Here's a little poem I wrote many, many years ago that makes me think of fall.

The leaves have such an ideal life
attached to some strong tree.
If I could choose another life,
a leaf is what I'd be.
The leaf just hangs on day and night
and flutters in the wind,
Until one day it is ordained
he must fall to the ground
And his end.

Each day is fresh with no mistakes in it! Thank God for the brand new day!


Rebeckah said...

I love your poem : )! I might have to put it on my blog. When our leaves start to change color! NOTHING yet : )! I kind of like it like this though. Yesterday we went swimming all afternoon. I never got your email with fun things to do....It must be lost somewhere in facebook land.

stargurrl13 said...

You're welcome to use the poem anythime you like!

I re-sent the message to you, so check your facbook inbox when you get a chance.

Jessica said...

Your poem made me think of "The Fall of Freddie the Leaf". Do you remember that book?

stargurrl13 said...

I haven't read that.....I'll try and look for it the next time I'm at the library!

Rebeckah said...

LOVE your comment on the blog post : ). I am babysitting Sienna and Mila and Sofia on Thursday, so maybe we could make a picket line. That would be hilarious : )! You are brilliant! AND beautiful! That money is going to turn up somehow....I just know it.