Friday, September 5, 2008

It's Time to Get Serious and Make a Committment

I've been blogging for 2 years, but only recently made the switch to blogger. I enjoyed a nice following of my blog on myspace and I would be lying if I said I didn't miss the readers who haven't or won't make the effort to click the links I've provided to this blog. I don't know if I'll ever gain back the readership (I hope I'm not making up words....) but I'm so glad my friend, Jessica, over at Fustian encouraged me to make the switch.

I've read blogs for years, but when I moved to blogger, I was plunged headlong into the world of blogging. It started with links to other blogs on blogger and then carried over into blogs found on the nebulous world wide web or recommendations from other friends who read blogs, etc......

I found The Pioneer Woman's blog through a suggestion from a friend and it's no exaggeration when I say I've become obsessed with reading through all of her archives and exploring the entire site! I've spent no less than 20 hours this week just reading and soaking it all's such an entertaining, thought-provoking, beautiful blog I can't help myself! I've got a link to the blog at the right, so you should check it out....after you finish reading this.

Ree, the Pioneer woman herself, is raising 4 children on a working ranch and blogs every day. She post photos, recipes, poems, sound clips of some amazing burps and Ethel Merman impersonations. Along with all that, she often gives photography tips and always gives step-by-step instructions, with photos, of the recipes she shares. Oh...and I haven't even mentioned the photo naming contests (with prizes ranging from point and shoot digital cameras to $600 gift cards to and lots of things in between)! There's something for everyone on her site.

As a result of having spent so much time getting acquainted with the Pioneer Woman, I've become inspired. If she can blog everyday while taking care of her family, helping run a ranch , taking pictures and home-schooling her children, I'm clearly wasting my time.

I'm not sure if I'll have enough to say to post something everyday, but I'm certainly going to try.

It's time for me to get serious and make a commitment to this blog. I'm excited to see where it takes me!

Thanks for your outstanding and addictive blog, Ree!


Jessica said...

YEAH!! More Star Shaped Words! That is sooo what my life needs. (And I honestly mean that:)) I love reading your blogs and look forward to seeing them every day.. woot woot!

Rebeckah said...

Well, I know you are going to be just as exciting as Ree : )! I can't wait to learn more about you! I never got into the whole myspace blogging thing. My friend Gretchen really inspired me with her great blogging skills. Every week she shares a great story about her family. I totally agree with you that every day posters are the ones that will get the most readers : )! When I click somewhere and it is a few days old I feel sad! Is Jessica your sister? I will have to click on her and read her blog : ). I keep meaning to read your other friends blogs too. Maybe tonight after I tuck Kaish into bed. Currently he is attacking Gary with a broom in the living room! I better skeedaddle!