Monday, September 8, 2008

How Did I End Up Here?!?

In my family, birthday's are special, family events. As a young child, birthday celebrations were a time for my grandparents, parents and sibilings to celebrate with food and gifts. I attended the birthday parties of lots of school friends, but it never occured to me to invite outsiders to my birthday celebration. I imagine if we had asked to invite friends, my parents would have had no problem with it, but none of us ever needed was always enough!

Birthday celebrations always happened on the day of your birthday....even if it was during the week and on a school night. The family would gather for a special meal (menu chosen by the birthday girl or boy) and presents which would be followed closely by cake and ice cream.

This is a picture of me on my 6th birthday...please notice how happy I am about the Captain and Tennielle album I've just unwrapped! That's my Misser Sisser beside I said, we were never apart. That's also my Grandma Cook's hand and my Grandpa Cook's legs. [I'll save the discussion of my unique sense of fashion for another blog.....]

Every year I would choose the same meal for my birthday dinner. Barbequed weiners, mashed potatoes and green beans. Just 2 weeks ago my mom made this meal for me when I was there for Labor Day weekend because I wouldn't be back to visit again before my birthday......yummy!

The family birthday dinner tradition hasn't changed in my almost 37 years of, it's hard to believe that for the past six years my birthday has turned into this:

The first time I had a weekend full of events for my birthday, it was a joke. I had gotten tired of trying to work with everyone's schedule, so I planned where I would be throughout my birthday weekend and printed a "Schedule of Events" on the back of my birthday invitations. People could join me any time throughout the weekend, whenever their schedule permitted.

It was such a hassle-free way to accommodate as many friend's schedules as possible and was so successful I've been doing it ever since. I often wonder what would happen if I went back to just one night out for my birthday.....but I doubt I'll be finding out anytime soon.

So many of my friends are like family to me, I guess it's not such a stretch from how I celebrate my birthday when I'm with family to how I celebrate when I'm with just lasts a bit longer!


Rebeckah said...

This sounds like so much fun! I want to move to Oklahoma! I LOVE your outfit and your birthday present! I never heard of them. I wasn't cool enough to get records for my Birthday!

Jessica said...

I think this year's invitation is my fave so far. I really love that picture.

Oh, take that back--- the "Party Till You Puke (Outside)" invitation was pretty ingenious as well.

LOl--- Good times:)

Jessican said...

I loved the pic of your 6th birthday. Classic Heather.

I am quite sad I will miss the festivities this year.

stargurrl13 said...

Ha ha....the party til you puke party was the precursor to the week of events, remember? That was the year we stared celebrating our b-days on YOUR b-day and continued through til MY birthday the next month.

Lucky 13s Rule, baby!!!