Thursday, September 11, 2008

My Top 5-ers!

For about a year I've been part of an e-mail group. We call ourselves the Top 5 Friends because that's what we e-mail about. When we first started the group, you never knew what would be waiting in your inbox in the morning when arriving at work but it would always be fun and insightful. Here are some examples of some of our past top 5 topics. (feel free to list your top 5 picks for any of these in your comment post! Oh! Maybe I should pick a day of the week to dedicate to a Top 5 interactive blog post!)

  • Top 5 Songs you'd put on the soundtrack of your life.

  • Top 5 Things to do/place to do when the ice storm leaves you with out power.

  • Top 5 songs you hate but always find yourself singing when they play on the radio.

  • Top 5 favorite lines from songs

  • Top 5 favorite childhood memories

So, you get the idea. We used to have a Top 5 everyday, but we've gotten a little out of the habit so I was surprised to see a Top 5 e-mail pop up in my inbox yesterday. It was sent by my best friend, Jessica, and here's what it said:

"So today marks the beginning of Heather's 2008 Birthday Blitz. I thought it would be appropro to dedicate today's top five to her.
Here (in no particular order) are five songs that will always be irrevocably tied to Heather in my brain. These are the songs I can not hear without thinking of her"

It was so touching......and I'm not really sure why other than the fact that it's nice to have a group of friends like my Top 5 group. As always, the responses were fun and insightful and particularly appropriate since we would be going out for karaoke that evening.

I've been doing a pretty good job blogging everyday, but last night, there just wasn't time to fit a blog into my day, but we had a great time last night and I can't think of any other way I'd rather kick off my Birthday Extravaganza!

Here are some pictures.....there maybe some video I can post later!

Headed out to sing!
My best friend, Jessica!
Chrissy and DeAnna

Renea and me!


Jessica said...

*Whew* I had a BLAST last night, but I am a-payin' the price today. My butt is gonna be in bed by 9 p.m....hopefully, LOL.

Celebrating your birthday is always fantastic fun-- although it's hard to top last year!! :)

I love ya, girl, and hope I get to celebrate many many many more bdays with you!

Rebeckah said...

Well, I want to know what the top five songs are : )Come on, do tell! I am glad you had a fun time singing and being with friends. Aren't those the best times? The school board is meeting right now, so cross your fingers for us!

Rebeckah said...

Hope you are out PaRtYiNg it up, Birthday Girl : )!