Thursday, September 25, 2008

Talent Quest- Mid-Week Update

Things are going really well! I haven't had to use my Happy List at all this week and I really don't anticipate having to use it at all this week. I'm really happy that I seem to be mellowing with age (like a cheese?!?) and it certainly makes life much more enjoyable!

I'm sorry my posts have been sporadic and short the past two weeks, but sometimes life just starts rolling and builds up too much steam and by the end of the day there's no time left for blogging.

Here's a performance by one of my favorites who participates every year. He's got a great voice and a really big heart.

Enjoy Raydog's performance of Don't Stop Believing


Jessica said...

I love this video.... not only does it show how freakin' awesome RayDog is, but it shows how fun performing at TQ can be. Such a rush even just watching--- good luck, RayDog!! Hope you kick some major a&&!!! :)

Rebeckah said...

Totally understand about your lack of posts! I love kind hearts! I think I like kind hearts even more than great voices! Hope your weekend is filled with wonder~