Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Sisters, sisters; there were never such devoted sisters!

My sister Melissa (or my Misser Sisser) is one of my best friends. I came into her life before she was two. I was definitely a surprise to everyone, but lots of good things in life aren't planned.

My mother is very wise (probably the wisest person I know) and she had a plan for keeping her children from being jealous of new additions to the family. When Melissa was born, she told my oldest sister, Julie, "This is your baby, too. You will help me take care of her and protect her and love her." When I was born, my mother told Melissa the same thing about me and when my little brother came along, I finally had a baby of my own. I don't know if we would have been jealous of one another if my mother hadn't done this, but I do think we wouldn't be as close as we are.

Since Melissa and I were just a year apart we did almost everything together. I've never been without her and she has no memory of the year of her life before I was born. For years we shared a room (14 years to be exact) and shared clothes, toys, jewelry and anything else you can imagine. All of my fond childhood memories are inextricably intertwined with hers and we were never apart for more than 2 weeks until she left for college (I ended up at the same university the following year). I think I understand a tiny bit how twins must feel.

Our personalities are very different and our lives have taken totally different paths, but our closeness remains the same. She is the loving mother to 4 of my precious nieces and nephews and it has been so much fun to watch them grow. Her two oldest are girls and they are also just a year apart. I can't count the times she and I have sat together and watched her girls doing the same things we did as was like reliving our childhood! We've had many a laugh remembering things we thought were long forgotten.

I was so excited about spending the holiday weekend back in my hometown, I couldn't wait 'til I arrived Friday evening, so I called my sister that morning from my office. When she saw my number on her phone display she answered, "Oooooooh! I love you and can't wait until you get here!" As I told my friend, Jessica, that's so much nicer than hello! Even nicer than that, though, is knowing there is someone in the world who knows all of my faults (because she's seen them firsthand) and will always greet me like that when I call. I do the same for her and I know she finds comfort in our sister friendship because we never have to explain things to each other.....we just know. I cannot imagine my life without her!


Jessica said...

I'm sorry I can't comment right now. I'm too teary. I will come back later.

Rebeckah said...

Awwwwwwwwwwwwwww. That was so sweet! I love the old pictures on the picnic table : ). So adorable! I am considering you a twin now! I am glad you got to spend the weekend with her (and those lovely nieces and nephews of course!).

Rebeckah said...

leatherman : )! I can't wait to be your facebook friend.