Sunday, August 24, 2008

Don't hate me for thinking this is hysterical.....

......but I absolutely love to watch "The Retarded Policeman" on YouTube.

Before you get upset and bash me about this, there are some things you need to know about the actor, Josh (the "Ponceman") Perry, who plays said "retarded policeman". He's a high-functioning adult with down syndrome. He comes from a very talented and well adjusted family who are 100% supportive of Josh's aspirations to become a famous actor.

Before I direct you to Retarded Policeman episodes, you need to watch this:

And this:

There are only 16 episodes and none of them are over 4 minutes, so it's easy to go and watch all sixteen at once, but if you're pressed for time, here's my list of "must see" episodes.

[don't drink anything while you watch these.....soda will probably come out your nose if you do!]

Episode 1: This stars Josh's brother and sister also.

Episode 4: Racial Profiling

Episode 5: Writer's Strike

Episode 9: Boobies!

Episode 10: Mexicans

Episode 16:Stalker (w/ Michael Buckely) [Yes, that's What the Buck?!?]


Rebeckah said...

Ok, I am SO excited to see these videos! I watched the two you have on the blog, and as soon as I get 4 minutes times 16 I will watch the other ones : )! I love this guy! I hope he can be an actor one day! I am excited for him and his dreams. Have a great weekend. DON'T talk to Doofus : )!

stargurrl13 said...

Thanks rebeckah! I won't be talking to Doofus....he wanted me to hang out with him Friday night, but I was at Jessica's belated b-day celebration.

I'm glad you like Josh. He's VERY talented. I'll be devoting another blog to his videos with his brother....very funny stuff!

Rebeckah said...

No doofus hang outs yet, right? Just checking : ). I watched these and laughed hard. I still feel guilty when I hear bad language, but he is funny! : ) Hope you are having a nice week!

thesap said...

thanks for the sweet words.


Art Vandelay said...

The ponceman rules! I have to have a ponceman fix at least once a day. Great post!