Sunday, October 4, 2009

Another One Bites the Dust!

I don't recall if I've blogged here about a certain quartet of men who have made hasty choices where marriage is concerned. BUT, if you're friends with me on Facebook, you've certainly seen frustrated posts about it there.

Here's the scoop. Within 4 months, all 4 of these men have either gotten engaged or married to women with whom they constantly fight and complain about their psycho ways. The first one to marry, stayed in that marriage only 2 months before realizing he had made a huge error and decided to cut his losses and leave. The second to tie the knot revealed this week he'll be doing the same.............sheesh! What compels men to marry these psycho-bitches?!? The third has just recently married, so I'll give it a generous 9 months before it implodes.

And, the 4th......well, he isn't married yet. I'm holding out hope for him. In fact, I'm thinking of staging an intervention. I mean, honestly, I just don't understand why this happens!

I have all sorts of theories about why this happens, but I don't want to throw them out for public consumption, yet. I just needed to vent and get it off my chest...........and lest you think I'm placing the blame on the men, go up to the search field at the top and type in "psycho girl theory" to read my rant about the behavior of some women.

Here's one thing that's certain: If I have to act crazy and throw fits to keep a man, COUNT ME OUT! There have been plenty of times I could have cut some other girl's game by starting drama, but I'm far too practical and SANE to do anything like that.

This madness has to STOP!


Life with Kaishon said...

Good for you friend. Who needs girls like that? They make me sick. I observe that kind of behavior all the time and I am like, ARE YOU KIDDING? WE AREN'T 13...but of course I just say that in my head! : )

Judson said...

It is interesting you wrote that. I am thinking my brother might become one of 'those men' in the near future. The girl he is dating is a nice girl, and she thinks that he is the one man for her, so much so that she proposed, (which, if she really knew my brother at all she should know that he is too traditional to accept that role reversal). The deal is that she WANTS to marry him and says he is the best gift she could ever get. But he is unsure he wants to marry her, he thought they were just having fun, but if he says no, then he is homeless, and my Dad won't take him in, and he blew it with my sister this summer. . . and I see him weighing his options and I know he feels like that may be the only option to keep things the way they are.

So maybe that is what has happened with your men?

stargurrl13 said...

Judson.....that's defintely what has happened with Pepe. And, although I would very much like to see him stay single, when it comes to a place to live (in his case, a hime he financed with her) the dwelling place often wins out.

Also, I realy believe when most men (who probably could care less about marriage but feel it's expected of them) marry the girl they're with when they decide it's time to settle down.

SAD.......but mostly true.