Sunday, September 20, 2009

Talent Quest Nationals 2009: Check in and Registration

After a non-stop flight to Vegas, sitting next to Ms. Rebecca, who had never flown before (she was GREAT!), I checked into my comfortable room (which I probably won't see as much as I would like).

In years past, I would arrive on Sunday in just enough time to throw my bags into my room and rush down to registration, but this year.......ahhhhhh! I arrived on Saturday and had the whole day to do whatever I was fantastic!
Tomorrow morning I will "orientate" the judges at 9am and the competition begins at 11:00 am! I will be trying to record and post videos of some of the contestants, but that will depend on how busy I am with questions from contestants :D
On a personal note: tonight there was "open karaoke" in the pavilion theater, which is the big auditorium where the contest is held. For those who know me, you know I'm NOT a performer. I'm most happy to sing back up harmony, but there's NO NEED for me to be in the spotlight. I get plenty of attention through my wit and written need to put myself on a stage. BUT.....tonight, I was strong-armed into singing on that stage. TALK ABOUT HINEY PUCKER! I have SUCH admiration for all the performers who are so willing to take the spotlight so I don't have to do that!
But......if you need a back up singer who does killer harmony, I'm your girl. Call me and we'll work it OUT!
I'm headed to bed (maybe)!

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Anonymous said...

LMAO! You said hiney pucker! That is too funny. That bed looks fabulous. I want to jump on it right now!!!