Thursday, August 6, 2009

I Can't Quite put my Finger on it

I'm feeling a bit frustrated and impatient these days.

Frustrated because I have the need to write and yet, up to now, have been unable to put any of my thoughts into words.

Frustrated because I want things to move at MY pace instead of relying on my tried and true philosphy of "it is what it is".

Frustrated because I've heard some disturbing things a "friend" has said and I'm unable to say anything becuase this person is connected to almost all my other friends......and even in my frustration, I don't want to do or say anything mean-spirited.

Frustrated because I'm so busy at this time of the year.......and all I really want to do is pack up and run away from it all.

Frustrated because I allow my moods to be dictated by someone else and how much they communicate with me.

Frustrated because my wants and needs aren't aligning at the moment.

Frustrated because men who are toxic have become boomerangs and keep popping up in my life to spread a bit of misery and then disappear again.

Frustrated because I hate to sound like a complainer, but it's MY BLOG....I write it for me, so here I am in all my frustrated, complaining glory.

The impatience comes from wanting the frustration to be gone yesterday.....and then being frustrated when it remains. It's really a vicious cycle, but I'm sure it will be better tomorrow.

I feel better having said all that.


ToddKill said...

I think we should just leave for Laughlin NOW!!! Hope things improve darlin'.

Jessica said...

I feel frustrated that Todd never comments on my blog:) That being said....

I'm sorry you feel this way at the moment. I, too, hope things improve soon. Getting it out, in some way, shape or form, always seems to be helpful, and I'm glad you let it out.

Love you!