Friday, August 14, 2009

Things I Love

Here's a list of things I love and make me smile.

-crisp, clear fall mornings

-a cool room and a comfy bed piled high with blankets and pillows

-the sweet taste I get in my mouth when I tear open a packet of the "pink stuff"

-a chilled shot of SoCo with NO LIME

-late night IM conversations

-a whole weekend with no set plans

-going to the OKC Friends of the Library sale every February with Jess and Mandy

-waking up the morning after the library sale with a book hangover

-going to dinner with my fellow foodies

-the Double Crunchy

-my badass dog, Reggie

-good lyrics

-hearing my nieces and nephews say "I love you"

-being an auntie

-Guitar Hero and Rock Band tournaments with my nieces and nephews

-Alas, Babylon by Pat Frank

-a fun night of karaoke fun with great friends

-learning about people

-clever facebook status updates

-Sara Sara Cupcakes


-rockstars (of the lead singer variety)

-that first sip of coffee in the morning

-conies from Coney I-Lander

-coconut M&Ms

-college football

-the sound of the ocean

-being content


Jessican said...

Very nice list. My own would also include:

The first sip of your favorite wine

That perfect run

Pueblo green chili

Late nights/early mornings with friends talking and talking and talking

Finding a new author

Walks in the mountains/on the beach/in the woods/down the street.

Hope lots of things are still making you smile. It was nice to see you, albeit brief. Let me know when you are making a trip east.

Jessica said...

Did you get your renewal for the Norman membership? Woot woot! It's almost here!

stargurrl13 said...

Yes.....I DID get my renewal for the Norman membership.

We're going to be in Norman ALOT in October. Library sale and U2 concert!!!! SCORE!

Life with Kaishon said...

coconut m * m's! Stop it right this second. There is such a thing? I want some. Right this second. Oh my gosh. They sound divine.

There is only one thing that would make me happy tonight. And that is Kaish and Sabria and Naji going to sleep since it is 1 am and they are making so much noise. It is ridiculous.

Oh, to be young.