Friday, July 10, 2009


Since I started blogging in 2006 (way back when my blog was located on myspace), I've written tributes to and told many-a-story about the blessings my friends bring to my life. I'm not so sure I'm really deserving of all the great friends in my life but, I certainly hope it makes me extra appreciative of them.

Today, I'm blogging about my friend, Amy. I met her through a previous job and am continually grateful for the kind of friend she has turned out to be.

Here are some fun and interesting facts about me and Amy:

- Dave Chappelle brought us together

- We are in a band called "Break Dancing Whammies" (never mind we've never had even ONE band day we'll get it off the ground!)

- We both understand how extremely funny and witty we are (never mind the fact most of the universe doesn't recognize it)

- We'd date ourselves if we could.....we're just that AWESOME ;)

- We workout most evenings together at the Y (solidarity, Sister!)

- We're a lot a like

- We're a lot different

- We share a fascination about serial killers

- We share a fascination of man's infatuation with the "psycho-girl"

- Spending time together is almost like being alone

Over a year and a half, lots of things can happen. With Amy, though, it's not the major life events which stick out as the stuff which has strengthened our friendship. No, the glue to our friendship is the everyday things which most would think mundane, I'm sure......(I refer you back to the list above.....we understand how funny/witty we are).

Amy is the friend who understands how GENIUS it is to make a catapult out of a fork and business card just so we can launch food at a glass office wall.

Amy is the friend who can remember obscure lines from movies but can't remember a conversation from 2 hours earlier. Amy is the friend who will dance on her desk at work after everyone has left because I think it would make a good pic (oh, and she agrees with that as well).

Amy is the friend who understands and shares my love for mind numbingly funny YouTube videos like NigaHiga, Retarted Policeman and countless others we love (Leeeeeeeeeerooooooooooy Jeeeeeeeeeeenkiiiiiiins!).

Amy is the friend who understands my neurotic fear of the unknown and constantly plays Devil's Advocate to my crazy, virgo ways. Amy is the friend who quotes lines from Pulp Fiction and The Princess Bride in righteous opposition to a dive bombing bird who is only trying to protect his home. Amy is the friend who went with me to my first and only "Prom".

And.......Amy is the friend who would move with me if my life ever took me away from OKC and who would beg me to move with HER if her life took her away from here, as well. [And.....I'd go to great lengths and distances to visit her if we ever found ourselves living in different places.....and I just assume everyone who knows her should feel that way was well....'cause she's just that AWESOME!]

Amy and I talk a lot......sometimes about very weighty world matters.....other times it's just about all those stories of cats nursing pandas or dogs nursing tigers, but whatever the subject matter, this one thing I know: I am so lucky to have become such good friends with her.

Thanks Aim-Dawg, you're the best!

ps.....Tommy says to tell you, "hi"! ;)


Jessica said...

Isn't it awesome when you stumble across people in your life that you just KNOW you were destined to meet?? :) Such a beautiful tribute to a great princess ho... oops, I mean, girl:)

Life with Kaishon said...

This made me so happy I can't even tell you. Oh, and I love Dave Chapelle. Love him so much. It borders on ridiculous. : )