Sunday, January 18, 2009

In Memorium

When I was in high school, I had 2 best friends, Audra and Becky. Both of them moved to Owasso at the beginning of the 9th grade and I met them both on the first day of school. I had no idea how much that day and meeting those girls would change my life.

We had so much in common and had so much fun together. We called ourselves the Boo Boo Sisters (Heather Boo Boo, Becky Boo Boo and Audra Boo Boo). I even made a Boo Boo Baby for Becky to take on a band trip because she was the only Boo Boo Sister going and we didn't want her to be alone. Yes, I know that's cheesy, but we were 15.....what do you expect?

Becky was talented both academically and musically, but what made her so special was her kindness. Becky was kind to every person she met. There were no social barriers she couldn't made no difference if it was the nerdy weirdo or the popular cheerleader, Becky would treat everyone with the same respect and kindness. By the time we were Juniors, Becky was class president and well liked by everyone. The Boo Boo Sisters were as tight as ever and things seemed relatively care-free.

On January 18, 1988, Becky was killed in an accident on her way back to school from having gone to retrieve a yearbook layout she had forgotten at home. I had seen her in the hall that morning as I was rushing to my first class and we exchanged a few words about the exciting things happening in our boy-crazy, high school lives and promised to find time later in the day to really discuss all our news.......but that was the last time I ever spoke to Becky.

Her death had a profound effect on me and still does to this day.

Because of Becky's kindness to everyone, I try to be the kind of friend to my friends and those I meet that she was to me. I feel this is the best way to honor her memory and keep part of her alive.

Although it has been 21 years, Becky is still very much a part of mine and Audra's lives and friendship. We try to make fairly regular trips to her final resting place in Missouri and hope her family finds comfort in knowing how much we loved her, too.

Continue to rest peacefully our beloved Boo Boo Sister. We love and miss you!

..............until we meet again.


Jessican said...

This was a very respectful and compassionate post. Thank you for sharing your memory of Becky.

Life with Kaishon said...

This was so beautiful. I am thankful that she made such an impact on you. I could see your kindness and love shining thru from the moment we first met. It is a beautiful thing. What a GREAT way to honor someones memory. I will pray for her family today as I can't imagine the loss they must have felt.

greenwoodtrish said...

I knew Becky also and may I say everything you said about her is the absolute truth! When she died it shook our tiny high school to the core. We had already lost so many! Thank you for writing about her! May she rest in peace!