Tuesday, December 2, 2008

The Sun'll Come Out Tomorrow? or It's Raining, It's Pouring?

I couldn't decide on the title for this blog. The first one is definitely more optimistic, but the latter seems to be much more appropriate for the situation. The blog I've been waiting to write was one where I would tell of the 2 interviews I had before Thanksgiving and about how well they went.

I did have 2 interviews before Thanksgiving and both went very well. I knew it would be a few days before I heard anything, but I was counting on the 50-50 odds that one of the interviews would turn into an actual job.

Yesterday I got an e-mail fairly early in the day saying that one of the places had decided to go with another applicant after a coming to a "difficult decision". It wasn't the best news, but I had another option still out there.

While I was chatting with my friend and having a pretty good day, my landlord of 4 years called and told me he sold the house I'm living in............I was floored! My relatively good mood totally faded and I started to have a meltdown. Although I've been stressing over how I was going to come up with rent for the month of December, the prospects of dealing with a new landlord who doesn't know me and has no reason to try and work with me on my rent situation until I'm back to work were not pleasant. And I can't imagine what I'll do if the new landlord wants the property vacant and gives me a 30 day notice to move out! I just kept holding onto the fact that there was still the second job that might come through.

About 20 minutes after hearing about the house, I got an e-mail about the second job. E-mails are never the way one offers a job........well, almost never. Anyway, that job was offered to another applicant as well.

So.......this morning I will be scouring all the job sites once again for any sort of new postings and apply for anything I even remotely qualify for. It's hard to keep a good attitude and I appreciate all the people who kindly say, "it'll all work out, you'll find something", but it's so hard to hear that after 8 weeks! And, as much as I hate to admit it, I find absolutely no comfort in words like that......it's very easy to utter cliches like those from a nice, bright office where one goes to work everyday.

One thing that has come from all of this........a new compassion for people who are homeless. It only takes one bad break to start the wheels in motion. Now when I pass people who are sitting with their possessions in a cart I can see myself. Oh, I know I won't be homeless.....I have too many friends who will let me couch surf for that to happen, but I know there are plenty of homeless people with college degrees and marketable (whatever that means) skills who just couldn't catch a break and they landed on the street.

I really, really need to catch a break!


Jessican said...

I hate that I am so far away from Oklahoma right now. Like you pointed out, giving words of encouragement is kinda lame. I wish I could treat you to a dinner or to a rum & diet coke or better yet, have a job lead in OKC!

But you do have lots of other friends there that are ready and willing to do whatever, so never be afraid to ask for help, that's what friends are for.

And just keep throwing this at the feet of God and let him deal with it. Sappy words, yes; but nonetheless truthful.

Life with Kaishon said...

Oh friend o rama. I am so sad right now. So so sad. I had read your comment earlier this afternoon and I was non stop worrying even before I came to read what was going on. We all prayed for you at supper. I wish I could do something to help you. Will you send me your address?
If you want to move to the Philadelphia suburbs you are WELCOME here any time! Praying.

Life with Kaishon said...

How is my favorite Heather in the Whole Wide World today? Did the break come yet? Kaishon and Gary and I are praying for you!

You are a super star and something WONDERFUL is going to come along.

Everything that is on me is crossed. I wish I could take your worry away...