Wednesday, July 9, 2008

So....Here I Am

I've been blogging on a somewhat regualr basis on myspace for the last two years. In that time, I've gained more readers than I could ever have imagined....enough that I make the Top Blog list each time I post.

Several of my friends have moved their blogs to, but I have resisted because I barely have time to keep up with the blog on myspace. Even though I've started this, I'm not sure how disciplined I'll be with keeping up both blogs. I'll probably end up duplicating many of the blogs, but for better or worse, I'm here now......we'll see how it goes!


lani michele said...

Finally!!! I love when my friends blog. I'm not of the blogging elite yet, but I have aspirations to be. So much work, so little time.

Jessican said...

hurray! I hope you stick with this. It's tough when your readers don't follow you over, but you just have to keep reminding them to check out the new place.

You have been added to blog roll. Shout out to come.

Also, I suggest enabling anonymous comments for people who don't want to create an account.