Saturday, August 6, 2011

Karaoke Klunkers

Talent Quest is once again upon us and I find myself submerged in more karaoke than normal (and let's be honest, "normal" for me is probably once a week). From the beginning of August 'til the end of September the amount of concentrated karaoke will average out to about 8 hours a day. Talent Quest draws so many talented singers, but having worked for a year in a karaoke bar and being on staff with a national karaoke competition for 6 years, there are just some songs I absolutely hate to hear. Mostly it has nothing with how well a person sings, but rather the amount of times I've had to hear it and/or horrible lyrics.

So, here's my list of Top 10 Most Hated Karaoke Songs

10. Summer Nights- UGH! I've heard this tooooooo many times
9. Before He Cheats- easily the most heard song the year it was released. I've reached my lifetime limit on this one.
8. Paradise by the Dashboard Lights- I'm not hating on Meatloaf....just his 7 minute song.
7. Simple Man
6. Crazy-'re NOT Patsy Cline.
5. Picture- This duet takes NO talent so EVERYONE sings it. I've easily heard it 500 times.
4. Whiskey Lullaby- Worst. Lyrics. Ever. Listen to what you're singing people!
3. Bridge Over Troubled Water
2. I Touch Myself- every drunk-I-wanna-sing-but-I-wanna-pretend-like-I-don't girl has done this song. Sooooo tired!
1. Broken Wing- I don't care who you are or how well you sing, if you sing this song, I will leave and come back when it's over.

I love karaoke and singing, but limits can certainly be reached. What songs make you cringe?

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