Saturday, January 16, 2010

Charity Begins at Home?

Although I don't watch much television, I'm constantly connected to the internet via my laptop or phone. It is impossible to escape the on-going reports of the devastation and the chaotic aftermath in Haiti.

It seems everyone (including my Farmville application on Facebook) is launching ways to aid those effected by this tragedy. It makes me proud to know America is still the country all eyes turn to in a crisis, but given my current situation, I think my perspective is a bit different than it would have been just 6 months ago.

Let me be clear by stating I understand our nation is best poised to help with a tragedy of such large proportions. But, for all the private citizens who have dug deep and made donations, I want to pose this question: "Where were those charitable dollars and an attitude to help a fellow human being 2 weeks ago? Two months ago?"

I know it's uncomfortable to confront the problems of poverty and homelessness.....especially in our own backyard, but I find it frustrating there are so many fellow Americans who have no idea where they will sleep tonight or where their next meal will come from. Many of these include families......children without a safe place to sleep.

I feel it's necessary for our Nation to help the people of Haiti, but charity should begin at home. It's hypocritical to open the pocket books for this tragedy while ignoring what's going on in our own home.

I urge you all the take the time to visit the website of the National Coalition for the Homeless for statistics on homelessness and ways to help.